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OH MY GOD...........amazingl y true. I am speechless and proceeded to start shaking at some of the info that came through. Some parts were literally impossible to know unless you were me. Highly recommended.


Thank you so much! You have made me really very happy with what you told me. I know it is true because I feel it, but wasn't quite sure. I will let you know the results when it all unfolds.  I wanted to stay and hear the rest. You are a wonderful person and so accurate. Thank you!


Rahul is one of the ABSOLUTE BEST ASTROLOGER you could EVER, EVER speak to. he is fantastic. he will connect with you immediately and help you with any question you have. he will do it quickly and be completely accurate. he is also one of the best people you could ever be lucky enough to talk to. PLEASE CONTACT HIM


Everyone here said all the good things about him. There is not much left to say except my expression of gratitude to this genuine great enlightened Master who had guided and helped me out of the previous suffering and confusion plus giving me the prediction of my life with 100% accuracy. He is here for the purpose; I am so honored to be guided by him. Hope you too.


RAHUL, is the greatest. Even though sometimes I don't like what he says to me. I know he only speaks the truth and what he sees. I know that with him telling me this, it will only make me a better person and most importantly stronger. I will continue to get update from him, because I really trust him.


I always feel calm and at ease after a chat with him, he has been right in the past.Give him a try he will tell you the truth and even if you find it difficult to believe things will go your way he will guide you through with patience and wisdom so that you follow the right path. He is a gem and I can't thank him enough!


Perfect vision with 100% truth. Just by chatting with him I received the positive energy that calmed and encouraged me to feel better and act more effectively. Best healing therapy to be connected with him. His advice is invaluable.


You are a True God Send. So Accurate even with such limited information. ~ None Needed, yet you get right to the heart of the matter and offer solutions that work to bring enlightenment and peace. You were so helpful before that I had to come back again and I"m soooo Glad I Did!!! Thanks for all you do!


Rahul you are the best it is amazing his dates are always right anyone reading this email him he is short and to the point if you are looking for sugar coating than he is not the one. Be prepared to heat the truth it will hurt but atleast it will help you to focus/ He respondes to his emails , he coaches you, try him you will not regret it .


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