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Rahul Bhatnagar, a Vedic Astrology Specialist has devised various methods of forecasting future happenings, be it a personal horoscope predictions or a natural disaster or any other event happening anywhere in the world. Provide Consultancy about Zodiac Signs, Love Horoscope and Astrological Signs.

All this has been made possible through sustained research work in astrology for last ten years. He has successfully forecast earthquakes and other natural disasters taking place in Japan and other parts of the world. Similarly, he has a deep knowledge of medical astrology through which a person's health can be monitored. Diseases like cancer, heart problem, diabetes, asthma and many others can be detected by birth chart and tested vedic remedies will be suggested by rahul to control or cure these diseases. apart from this other problems like delay in marriage or marital discord, delay in progeny, delay in getting job or promotion, hindrance in education, financial problems remedies will also be suggested. Rahul has taken the help of astrology in forcasting Stock Market movements. Positions of planets can state whether stock markets/particular shares will rise or fall.

In fact astrology touches each and every aspect of a person's life and can be effectively used to better one's life. Astrology is the science of influence of planets and other stars on human and terrestrial affairs. The planetary motions, their positions and time do have effects on all of us. With the regular movements of planets one can foretell the destinies of men, fates of nations, sudden inundations, earthquakes, floods , fire and other incidents relating to terrestrial phenomenon. Astrology is a devine science which correlates astronomical movements of planets with physical, psychic and soul responses. Certain positions and grouping of stars and planets in relation to earth correspond to various types of events which occur during one,s life time, and astrology helps in predicting such events.

The Planets that influence our lives are Sun. Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Dragon Head {rahu},Dragon Tail {ketu}.

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